luni, 16 octombrie 2017


So, I am famous for getting out of work late, especially on a Monday, so had no time for cooking today. And I said why should I not get something to take away from a restaurant close to my house (biryani, my new love 😍 ) I go in, I order and just wait. A lady had her eyes on me all this time and it was way too obvious already. I look back at her and just... smile (blame the Americans, I got it from my exchange year there). The lady just got mad and started to yell “ why do you smile at me? Do you know me? Look in another direction!” In my mind I was like “scuse me, lady, you were the one stalking me!” Everyone in the restaurant was looking at us like this was a theatre show or something. I was soooo angry in that moment and I continued to smile and just told me “because I am nice”. Maybe I should have told her “because I am nicer” 😂 she was so upset that she decided to leave. The lesson of the day: answer with kindness and people will be fully disharmed. I guess we know how to reply to violence and hatred and we are still learnig on how to treat people nice.
Careful with that smile though! 😂