duminică, 29 decembrie 2013

How to be a Successful Student

In our days, the strongest weapon is education. But who is engaged for our success?

During college years I always thought that I am the one responsible for my personal and career development. Anyway, some of us do not pay attention to the most important stages in our development and think that it is more interesting to party while you are in college. This article is based on the 10 main steps I used for becoming a successful student. These helped me to become more confident, maturely wise and open-minded. 

1. Always choose a seat in the first or second row in order to create eye contact with the teacher. This brings up the confidence and you have the chance to pay more attention, bounding thoughts and attitudes.

2. Participate to all conversations during courses, ask questions, show interest and be the one who points out the new experiences. In this way, the teacher will start to appreciate you as an interactive student.

3. Participate to contests, seminars and presentations that will enrich your knowledge and will put a good light on your CV.

4. Always look up for online contests and pre-paid trainings organized in different countries. Keep an eye on www.mladiinfo.eu. They have a great variety of activities that you might be interested in.

5. Choose to be a volunteer. Try to use your knowledge for people who really need your help. Be THE ONE who initiates great charity events in college. In this way, you will endorse skills such as leadership, project management, event organization and coordinating a team.

6. Be involved in educational clubs such as: Students Club, English Club or Foreign Club. This is a great chance for you to find more about how to be a huge help for your society, for your college and learn from others’ experience.

7. Do not be afraid to experience and discover other cultures. Search for scholarships outside your country (United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, Denmark, Romania, France, etc) like Erasmus or Comenius. Being an exchange student means to explore the world outside of your comfort zone. This is a great opportunity of learning a foreign language and to start accepting the cultural differences between people.

8. Accept and look up for internships during the summer. This will rise a light on your experience. And any employer will love to see a drop of experience in your CV.

9. Have a part-time job and try to be more independent, even if your parents can support you financially. You can demonstrate to you that you can do more than being a simple student. Just remember that all you can achieve has no limit.

10. Be organized. Make a list of things you would like to achieve in one year. For example:
 - Study for a semester in France; 
- Take part in the project ‘’A penny for a child’s education’’;
 - Participate to the training ‘’Volunteer- a chance for a better community’’; '
- Take some extra courses: project manager or sales agent.

Your personal and professional development has no borders. During college you have enough time to gain experience for which you will be appreciated even to your first job interview. Do not forget to follow your dreams and those will show you the way to success.

Please care about you and life will guide you through her paths!

marți, 17 decembrie 2013


Is somebody happy because he met you today? 
The day is almost over, can somebody say a good word about you? 
Did you said ''hi'' to your neighbour? 
Were you selfish today?
Is somebody happy because you helped him? 
Now, when the night is close, can you say if there is a happy person just because you said some nice words that encouraged him to continue a battle? 
Did you lost your day in vain or you did something useful? 
Did you left behind good thoughts or just sadness? 
Now, before going to bed, do you think that tomorrow will be a better day?

These are the questions that are rising in my mind at the end of each day. I hate the feeling of living, eating, and socializing in a rush. Our time is limited and if the day would have 15 hours of work, it still would not be enough for us. We are always busy, running from one way to another. Due to this, we have no time to think at our actions that influence somebody's life. At the end of the day we are too tired to realize if we did something great. We are just thinkiing to the next day.

We have no time to smile, but we have time for meetings and reports. The feeling of ‘’timeless’’ is the modern disease, which captures our daily activities. We have machines that do our work and still our time has no value. BUT we have time to complain that we have no time. We are so busy that we have no time to admire fall's colors, the beauty of the snow or people around us.

Where is the patience? Where is the power of reflection? It seems that we are what we choose to be. Every choice has an impact on the next day. It is stated that things which we are not living now, will never do later. The first step is to establish your priorities from ahead: what to do tomorrow, this week, this month and this year. I usually have a list of the most important things I need to do in a certain period of time. When accomplishing it, I just cross it. In this way, I feel that I own the time, not time owns me. I can manage my actions and add more time for actions that will enrich my spiritual life: spending time with family, friends, creating new connections and sharing my life experience with people who really care about their personal development. 

Try to make some time for your soul, because it is worthy. I wish you TIME: for smile, for love; time for friendships and happiness. Discover what really is important to YOU and for people around you.