duminică, 13 iunie 2010


``Appreciate everything that makes you happy``(Gerald Bath)
Our life is full of experiences that make us feel more maturily wise,but in the same time we grow up so fast,even we do not see how much we changed.
Today i was thinking how much i appreciate some people,even i did not told them.
One person i really do appreciate is May Lyngklip.When i was 17 i had the luck to be one of the 40 students to study in the United States of America,and guess what-all for FREE,even the airplaine tickets.I was in Michigan,a beautiful state,full of wonders,but i hated winter,because was sooooo cold( -27 C).My placement organization found me a great family.so,in 2008 i met May.She was my host-mother for a year.I appreciate her,because she had the courage to take care of a girl from another country,i can say that from another world.She had the courage to help me to get used to American life,to learn all about their culture,people and new places.Some people are afraid to open their heart to strange people,at least i am.I know that i will never forget her,because under her protection i got maturily wise and independent.Thank you,May!
Another person that i appreciate is Valeriu Gonta.He is from Balti,but now he continues his studies in Iasi,Romania.He also was one of the 40 lucky students to study for one year in the US.He is one of my best friend and a great journalist.I appreciate him,because he is a great friend and we always encouraged each other when were far away from home.Thank you,Valera,for being such a good brother!And thank you to all FLEX people `08-`09`,you`ll always be in my heart.
I also appreciate Dave Lyngklip,because he was a good teacher for skiing,ice skating,a great host-father and a good friend.Thank you,Dave!
This are people that i never said how much i do appreciate them.They always be in my heart,and maybe we`ll have the chance to meet again.Who knows?!