miercuri, 28 iulie 2010


There is nothing new in my life and i decided to write about my TOP 5 favorite songs.
1.MANDALAY-BEAUTIFUL.I LOVE this song because gives me the power to believe in me when i`m down.You can listen it right here!

2.RICHARD MARX-RIGHT HERE WAITING.I like this love song because even if you were hurted by someone,you have the courage to believe in your feelings.

3.ENYA-MAY IT BE.Maybe a lot of people like this song because of the nice voice for a good mood.

4.BLAXY GIRLS- SAVE THE WORLD.It is a good song and the lyrics are pretty good,too,and it pictures the world we are in.

5.ROBERT MILES-CHILDREN.It is a good song,good video,really well organized and interesting(my opinion!).I like the song because it expresses the world with no words.

Tell me YOUR TOP favorite songs!

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